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(Required)Name of a person who can answer questions about this certificate request (no aliases)
(Required)e.g. xxx-xxxx
(Required)Email address or alias of support group or responsible party. The cert will be sent to this address.
Individual addresses should be UBITName@buffalo.edu

If the above Email address or alias points is a single person, please provide the name, UBITName and phone number of an alternate contact

Certificate Details:

(Required)e.g. www.mydept.buffalo.edu (64 character maximum length)

NOTE Certificates expire and need to be renewed. If not renewed, your service will be affected. You are responsible for ensuring that you or someone in your organization will remember to renew your certificate before the expiration date arrives. As a courtesy, you may receive a renewal reminder email message, however this does not relieve you of the responsibility of remembering to renew.



e.g. specific signing vendor (default is InCommon), if cluster/multiple nodes, how many?, anything else we should know

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